Sunday, September 25, 2011

Organic Batik Baby Blankets

If you've been looking for an organic baby blanket and especially a lovely batik blanket....
Then you'll surely fall in love with Chelia Shoppe's Baby Batik Blankets + Organic.

CheliaShoppe combines cute colorful or pastel colored blankets with Organic Cotton backing, so you can tuck your baby in a beautiful handcrafted batik, what a clever way to introduce batik to your baby, right ? and for you ? you get to choose your favorite batik motif/color and stare.... at both your precious baby and the blanket :) .... it's just perfect !!!
One of the plus point is the batik's been pre-handwashed :)
These Baby Batik Blankets + Organic would also make a super nice baby gift.

As a matter of fact, They're having a Free Giveaway Right now,
and I quote from their website :

To Win :

- Follow us on
TWITTER @CheliaShoppe and Retweet / RT our Free Giveaways
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and you'll get a chance to win a "Lovely Baby Batik Blanket + Organic Cotton".

Go to for more information :)


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