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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

1. I'd like to take a piano lesson (violin/ballet/photography/etc)
Can you give me a recommendation of which music school I should go to ?
>> You can have a look at the list of music schools around your area,
or a more qualified school that might be located a bit further away from your home.
or check out the classified ads for private teachers
And you can surely go to the forum and ask around :)
Hopefully you can find infos that fits your needs is not able to give you a specific recommendation coz
everyone has their own diverse requirements
So look around, ask around and when you have some schools that you're interested in.
Don't be afraid to give them a call and asks some questions
Go visit the school and see their facilites or even talk to the teachers.
You should find a music school and music teacher that you're comfortable with.
Learning should be fun :)
and this goes to all other art classes, be it dance classes, theater classes,
photography classes, and so on.

2. I'd like to sell my violin, because I'm pursuing my real passion in cello.
Can I do it through ?
>> Yup... all you need to do is contact us at sanggarseni [at] yahoo [dot] com
n we'll reply you with all the details
and we'll upload information about your Violin and its photos to the Classified Ads section

3. I really like the graphics on
May I download and use them ?
>> Thanks for the compliment :)
All Graphics and Photos on are Copyright of
and their respective owner, therefore they are not for download. Sorry. :)

4. My school's having an Art Event.
Can you put it in the Calendar of Events on ?
>> Sure we can ....just email us all the details to sanggarseni [at] yahoo [dot] com
Don't forget to put "CALENDAR" as the Subject, ok :)

5. I happen to give Private painting lessons (or even music, craft lessons, etc)
Can I put an Ad on ?
>> Of course, email us at sanggarseni [at] yahoo [dot] com
and we'll reply you with the details
If you'd like, you can also put up your photo so future students can know you more :)

6. I love writing and taking photos
If I go to a music concert or an Art exhibition.
Can I send Articles with Photos to ?
>> Yup yup and yuip...we'd love dat :)
You can send the articles & the photos to
sanggarseni [at] yahoo [dot] com
File in word doc
font = verdana, size = 11 pt, Justify
and please do add a brief explanation to the photos :)

Articles and the Photos must be owned & written by and belong to you :)
If your articles are approved, they'll be up on SS soon after.
And your name will be listed as an SS Contributor :D
For more detailed info , check out the "Terms & Conditions"

You can also send info about
your friends achievements and talents
or even your own :)
Or you can also recommend someone else's blog
that you think is unbelieveably exceptional & inspirational :D
just send away those info :)
and we'll contact them or you for permission to be featured on

7. My true Hobby is Painting, (pottery, art clay, etc)
Can I send a photo of my Artwork to ?
>> Yes of course :)
As always, you can send your photos of your Art to sanggarseni [at] yahoo [dot] com
Do Let us know "the title", size, medium, your name & email address
(eg. "Tiger in the Wild" , 100cm x 60 cm , oil on canvas, Your name , Your email address)
Please resize the photo to 72 dpi, Max size = 640 x 480 pixel
and we'll put it up in the Art Gallery

Or Hey... you can also send in your step-by-step tutorial in creating your artwork,
it can be articles with photo explanation or an online video link but it has to be your own creation... not copying someone else's work :)
you can read more at the "Terms & Conditions"

PS. Calendar and Classified Ads are temporarily disabled


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