Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Hi There ... :)

Welcome to (SS)

a place where you can find all sorts of information about Art,
from art classes
(creative, craft, dance, theater, fashion / mode, music, painting, even cooking)
to art shops , art supply stores, and classified ads
Or you'd like to simply talk to other people about music, ballet,
where to find pottery lessons, photography classes, and many more
How bout that rock concert you've been waiting for ?
or that classical harp concert ?
or when the Lenong Bocah is gonna show in GKJ ?
Check out the Calendar !!

In short, It's all here.
coz we all know how hard it can be to find the information to find the perfect art class
or where can I find a fun piano teacher
or where can I find friends with similar interest in angklung or saman dance
(yuppp... the dance originates from aceh, performed sitting down with accelerated movements,
which is SO MUCH FUNNN,
it makes me recall bumping the forehead of the person next to me when I made a mistake hehe)
or which art school should I go to near my home ?
There are only 5 of them, oh wait, there are 8 ?
but which one should I go to ?
Hopefully by all the infos here at SS,
we'll all be able to share knowledge
and become more creative in the process

btw, Sanggar Seni was Launched on the 08/08/08 :D *winks*
(it's a lot of work coz this is my personal project)
but I'll keep on updating the resources,
changing the web format if necessary,
coz this is an ongoing project, peoplee... :)
Sanggar Seni will always try to be better and better for you *hugz*

So come on... stop your excuses !!
There's no such thing as "too late to learn"
you know you can do it

So... Come Discover and Sharpen your Talents !!

sanggarseni [at] g mail [dot] com

PS. Calendar and Classified Ads are temporarily disabled

As of August 2018, the domain ( no longer belongs to us.
Any use of the domain mentioned in our graphic/posts will be removed in a timely manner as not to confuse reader with the future domain owner. Please do understand, due to time constraint & the number of posts/graphic, it will take some time to remove them completely.


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