Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sajojo - Beautiful Indonesia

I bet you've seen this advertising/commercial before, it's where Shanty, Chris John & Donny Kesuma did an ad in Papua and Shanty sang the song "Sajojo"

I don't mean to advertise for the product in the commercial, because I personally think that we can also get energy drink from drinking coconut water or natural fruit juice, way healthier :)
But... this ad... it truly shows us that Indonesia is so beautiful and so rich in culture.
I just wish there were more ads that shows the beauty of Indonesian nature and culture instead of foreign culture.

And it turns out... the traditional song "Sajojo" that Shanty sang, is quite nice huh ?
it's actually a really good song :D
yup... a traditional song :)
This is honestly my first time ever hearing that song....
Man... Do we actually know more foreign songs than our own traditional songs ?
I think it's time we pursue our true talents and start to really see the true potential of the Indonesian culture :)


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