Sunday, September 25, 2011

Organic Batik Baby Blankets

If you've been looking for an organic baby blanket and especially a lovely batik blanket....
Then you'll surely fall in love with Chelia Shoppe's Baby Batik Blankets + Organic.

CheliaShoppe combines cute colorful or pastel colored blankets with Organic Cotton backing, so you can tuck your baby in a beautiful handcrafted batik, what a clever way to introduce batik to your baby, right ? and for you ? you get to choose your favorite batik motif/color and stare.... at both your precious baby and the blanket :) .... it's just perfect !!!
One of the plus point is the batik's been pre-handwashed :)
These Baby Batik Blankets + Organic would also make a super nice baby gift.

As a matter of fact, They're having a Free Giveaway Right now,
and I quote from their website :

To Win :

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Go to for more information :)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some of the Indonesian Musical Talents

We have a lot of talents who's proven themselves internationally

in the Netherland's X Factor 2010

Reza Ningtyas Lindh
in the Swedish Idol 2009

Sandy Sondoro
in the New Wave 2009 - International contest of young pop singers

Gita Gutawa
in The 6th International Nile Song Festival 2008

Elfa's singers choir who often wins in international competitions
and many more !!

So... keep on working hard to make your dreams come true :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Traditional Indonesian Musicians at Malioboro, Yogyakarta

I was walking at night around Malioboro, Yogyakarta, looking for something to eat, some batik to buy :)
and from afar I can hear music being played, it just felt so familiar, so right.
so I kept on walking and there they were, Malioboro musicians, they brought such traditional festivity, yes, on the side of the road.
It totally created a wonderful atmosphere in the surrounding area, people stopped walking and stood there to enjoy the music.
Locals and tourists alike, we were all mesmerized by the soothing sound :)
As they were jamming, a delman (traditional horse carriage) and a becak (rickshaw) passed by. Perfect :)
I'd say you have to try sitting in a delman or a rickshaw to truly experience Yogjakarta :)
Anyway.....Enjoy the music :)

Sajojo - Beautiful Indonesia

I bet you've seen this advertising/commercial before, it's where Shanty, Chris John & Donny Kesuma did an ad in Papua and Shanty sang the song "Sajojo"

I don't mean to advertise for the product in the commercial, because I personally think that we can also get energy drink from drinking coconut water or natural fruit juice, way healthier :)
But... this ad... it truly shows us that Indonesia is so beautiful and so rich in culture.
I just wish there were more ads that shows the beauty of Indonesian nature and culture instead of foreign culture.

And it turns out... the traditional song "Sajojo" that Shanty sang, is quite nice huh ?
it's actually a really good song :D
yup... a traditional song :)
This is honestly my first time ever hearing that song....
Man... Do we actually know more foreign songs than our own traditional songs ?
I think it's time we pursue our true talents and start to really see the true potential of the Indonesian culture :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Indonesian Native Fruits

but it's getting harder and harder to find !!!

I found this link to Indonesian native Fruits pics

Menteng, Kemang, Gandaria, Kecapi, Bisbul, Kepel, Rukem, Sawo Durian, Terap, Jamblang, Buni.
I don't even know what most of them taste like :(

The ones I've tasted are
Ciremai, Sawo kecik, Lobi-lobi, Jambu Bol, Jambu Mawar.

I sure do hope we pay more attention to these Native fruits instead of focusing on imported fruits most of the time :)

Beautiful Bags from Indonesia

I just found this web
They carry such pretty batik-rattan bags and lots others
Check out their designs

They're located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Indonesia National Anthem forms Water Crystals

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his Research on Water and water crystals
He proved that if water is exposed to soothing music, words spoken, words typed, pictures and videos, the water that initially doesn't form water crystal will form a beautiful snowflake-like water crystal.
And it also works using our National Anthem.
How cool is dat ?

Here's a video of the snow crystals forming when "Indonesia Raya" is played.
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